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Can I Search the Library’s Catalog Online?

Yes. To access the library’s online catalog, click here. The library’s catalog may also be searched from your mobile device using the library’s app (see above links to download the app).

Can I Use Someone Else’s Library Card?

Every adult is required to have their own library card.  With prior approval, caregivers are permitted to use an adult library card. Due to privacy laws, we cannot look up or alter someone else’s library account for a person to whom it does not belong.

Do You Have the Following Book (e.g. Gone with the Wind)?

You can search our catalog in the library, on the library’s app, or click here to access our online catalog.

Does the Library Have an App?

Yes. Click the link below to download UPTXLIB to your Apple/iOS or Android device. Access the library catalog, account information, library events, and downloadable materials through the app. To log in, scan your library card’s barcode or type in the number, and use the last four numbers as the PIN. Once you have registered your account information on the app, your phone serves as your library card.

Library app for adults

We also have an app for children, Planet Library. With the app, kids can make their own reading wishlist, view only children’s materials, and play age-appropriate games. Click the link below to download Planet Library to your Apple/iOS or Android device. Once downloaded, use Library ID UPTX. To log in type in your library card’s account number, and use the last four numbers as the PIN.

Library app for kids

Does the Library Have Story Times for Children?

Yes. Our story times for the school year are as follows: 

(ages 4 years +)
(ages 2 - 4 years)
(newborns - 2 years old)
Wednesdays at 3:45 p.m. Thursdays at 10:45 a.m. Fridays at 10:45 a.m.
During the summer, the schedule changes on Wednesdays. Please visit the library calendar of events for the schedule. There are no story times during the month of August. Click here to see a calendar of library events for all ages

How Do I Check Out Materials?

Present your library card or smart phone with the library app at the service desk with the selected items. You may also check out items with your library card at one of the two self-check units in the library. Items may be renewed 5 times, unless another patron has placed a “hold” on them in the electronic catalog. Renewal can be made by phone, online, on the library app, or in person.

How Do I Get a Library Card?

Library cards are free to anyone who resides in the Highland Park Independent School District.  Go to the library’s service desk to apply for one.  A card gives the applicant checkout privileges at the library.  The card is valid for three years.  By signing the back of the card, the library patron agrees to accept responsibility for use of the card and to follow all library policies.  For adults 18 and over, library cards are obtained by presenting a valid photo ID and proof of address.  Those under age 18 must be connected to an adult sponsor (parent or guardian) and be able to sign or print their name.  The adult sponsor must be a registered borrower.

How Do I Renew Materials Online?

Click here to access the electronic catalog, log on to “My Account.”  Then, under “Loans,” click on “Renew.”  You use your 14-digit library card number for your username, and the last four digits as your PIN.  Then click on the “My Account” tab and click on the “Check Outs” tab.  You may then select the items you wish to renew. 
Items may also be renewed through the library app.  In the app, go to “My Account.  Under “Checkouts,” touch the item(s) you wish to renew then touch the “Renew” button. 
Items that do not have a “hold” placed on them may be automatically renewed for you up to three times as a courtesy, as long as your library account is in good standing.

How Do I Reserve a Title (Place a Hold) Online?

Click here to go to the electronic catalog, click on “Search Catalog.”  Then, click on the “Place Hold” link.  Then, type in your library account number and PIN.  Items may also be placed on hold through the library app.  Search for your title in the “Search the Catalog” field, and then click on the “Place Hold” button.  If you are signed into the app with your account information, the hold will be placed for you.

I Lost Library Material, What Do I Do?

If you lose an item the library will charge you the cost of the item and a $10 processing fee. Alternatively, the library will only accept an identical, new copy of the item. You will still be charged a $10 processing fee.

I Lost My Library Card. What Should I Do?

A lost library card should be reported immediately.  There is a $10 fee to replace a lost card.

If I Don’t Receive a Reminder Email About My Overdue Items, Do I Still Have to Pay Fines?

The email is a courtesy provided by the library.  This notice is subject to internet outages.  You are not relieved of your obligation to return materials.  When materials are one week overdue, you will receive a fine notice by regular mail.  Please also note that your borrowing privileges will be suspended after your account has accrued $5 in overdue item fees.

What Do I Do with My Return Items if the Library is Closed?

The library’s bookdrop is available for “after hours” return of materials.

What Does It Mean When Material is Placed on “Hold?”

Library material is placed on “Hold” by a patron by phone, online, or in person. This tags the item in the electronic catalog, and alerts the staff to pull the item when it is returned and hold it for the requester. With prior approval, a family member may pick up a hold for their family. The library provides patrons with “Hold Notices” by phone message and email.

What Happens if You Keep Materials Until They are “Overdue?”

If items become overdue, borrowing privileges are suspended until you return them and pay the accrued fines.  If you have an  email address, a courtesy notice may be sent to you one day before an item reaches overdue status.  When material is one week overdue, the library sends an Overdue Notice.  The overdue fine is 25 cents per item, per day.  At six weeks, you are delinquent and the library considers the book “lost” and you will be billed the item.

What if I Forgot My Library Card?

Staff will ask you for an alternate form of ID and then verify the database before checking out your items.  This courtesy will be extended twice before you will be asked to replace your library card for $10.

What is My Account Number and My PIN?

Your library account number is the 14-digit number on the back of your library card (no spaces between digits).  Your PIN  is the last four digits of your library card number.  You can change the pin in the MY ACCOUNT area of the library’s online catalog.  You need the full number and the PIN to gain access to the Library’s electronic resources. 

What Is the Checkout Period for Library Materials?

All items marked “New” are checked out for two weeks, with a limit of 2 new items.  DVDs and magazines are checked out for one week with a limit of 2 per card. Launch Pads are checked out for one week and are limited to 1 per household, with no option to renew. Other materials are limited to 50 per card and may be checked out for three weeks.  The check out period for electronic resources will be shown on the website for that resource.

What is the Library’s Phone Number?
When is the Library Open?

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Friday, and Saturday - 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
The library is closed Sundays and Mondays

Where is the Library?

8383 Preston Center Plaza, Suite 200, University Park, Texas 75225.

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