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Capital Projects

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Snider Plaza REAP Strategy

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The City of University Park plans, funds, and implements a wide range of capital projects each year.  Many of these projects are infrastructure-related, such as replacement of underground water and sewer lines, or reconstruction of streets. Below is a list of the Public Works programs identified as capital projects. 

Asphalt Overlay Program
Mile-per-Year (MPY) Program
Sidewalk Replacement Program
Snider Plaza Area Construction
Stormwater Improvements 
Traffic Signal Replacement Program
Turtle Creek Wastewater Interceptor Replacement

Click here to view a map of current work

Asphalt Overlay Program

This program funds the installation of asphalt pavement on identified streets. Street segments are selected based on their OCI, Overall Condition Index, as established in the 2018 Pavement Assessment project.  This project is eligible for reimbursement via the DART TRIP program. The next asphalt overlay project is scheduled to begin in summer 2020. 

Mile-per-Year (MPY) Program

The City of University Park maintains approximately 88 miles of water mains and 63 miles of sanitary sewer mains.  The original infrastructure was installed between 1925 and 1950.  In 1989, the City began a capital replacement program to replace about 1 mile each of water mains, sanitary sewer mains, and associated pavement.  This program is referred to as the Mile-per-Year (MPY) program.  The life expectancy of the replacement mains is 80 – 100 years. 

Historically, these replacements have been designed and bid for private contractors to perform the work. More recently, due to budget and customer service considerations, the city has explored bringing this program in-house with city crews completing work.          

Current Projects
Location Duration Contact
4300-4400 Bryn Mawr/Hanover June to February 2020 Gary Bouchillon, 214-987-5407

Sidewalk Replacement

This program replaces sidewalk sections that are damaged and / or pose a safety risk.  This is an annual project and is eligible for reimbursement via the DART TRIP program. The 2020 sidewalk replacement project is currently underway and should be complete by year-end.

Project Contact: Mark Rushia, 214-987-5426

Snider Plaza Area Construction

This project involves the replacement of water, sanitary sewer, and storm water in and around Snider Plaza as well as additional improvements such as landscaping and potential parking enhancements. In late 2018, the City contracted with Pacheco Koch for utility design. This design work is currently at about 30% completion. In November 2019, the City awarded contracts to Space Between Design Studio and the Catalyst Group to develop landscape plans that build on concepts from the 2008 Snider Plaza Master Plan. Additional information about that effort can be found here

Stormwater Improvements Phase 1

This project funds the design and installation of an underground stormwater detention facility in Caruth Park as well as upgrades to the stormwater infrastructure on Airline Road, Marquette Street, Colgate Avenue, Hillcrest Avenue, the Colgate / Caruth alley, and Southwestern Boulevard. In December 2019, Council approved proposed construction phasing. Final design plans are currently underway with construction slated as early as summer 2020. 

Traffic Signal Replacement Program

This program funds the annual replacement of traffic signals and appurtenances at three intersections.  The program will, after eleven years, replace all of the City's thrity three signals. This project is eligible for reimbursement via the DART TRIP program.

Replacement of the signals at the following intersections will begin later this year:
  • Preston/Colgate
  • Preston/Greenbrier
  • Hillcrest/Southwestern

Design of the signal replacements at the following intersections is currently underway:
  • University/Douglas
  • University/Armstrong
  • Preston/Lovers intersections 
Project Contact: Joe White, 214-987-5430

Turtle Creek Wastewater Interceptor Replacement

The 30" sanitary sewer trunk line, shared by University Park and Highland Park, was inspected in 2018 and found to be, in many areas, in poor condition.  The line has been in service for more than 80 years and is in need of replacement.  The project includes replacement of more than 2 miles of sewer main from the Shenandoah / Binkley alley to Newton Avenue (where the sewer main enters Dallas).  Half of all project costs will be funded by the Town of Highland Park.